The Pros and Cons of Dental Partials

Your dentist in St. Louis, MO, has presented the idea of partials. But what are dental partials anyway? Once you have your answer, you can determine if partials might work for you.

What Is a Dental Partial?
First, let’s start with what a dental partial is exactly. Another term for it is Removable Partial Denture (RPD). A dental partial is a type of dental restoration that can replace a missing tooth. If you have enough remaining teeth, you can always get dental partials in St. Louis, MO. A partial will have clasps that can grab onto your remaining teeth to hold them in place. It is a fake tooth with clasps and pink material that looks like your gum tissue.

Who Is a Good Candidate for a Partial?
If you have a few stable teeth to support your partial, you’re a good candidate. However, if you have a very strong gag reflex, partials might not fit your comfort needs.

The Pros and Cons of Dental Partials
Are you ready for the run-down of dental partials? Here are your pros and cons.


Safe and cost-effective way to replace missing teeth.
Easy and quick procedure.
Perfect for a temporary tooth replacement –as needed during further dental treatment.
Very minimal risk involved, and are very safe.

Extra stress and wear from the clasps resting on remaining teeth.
Clasps can sometimes loosen, needing to be tightened to fit properly.
Not as natural-looking as other tooth replacement options.
People sometimes feel it’s bulky and uncomfortable.
In Search of a Dentist in St. Louis, MO?
If you think partials might be the answer to your tooth loss, you will need a dentist for that. Contact Smile Now STL today. We offer comprehensive general dentistry and can help fit you with partials. Dr. Thomas E. O’Connor (the dental practice dentist) has 45+ years of experience in dentistry. So, see what our office can do for you!

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