Periodontal Disease

Recapture Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

At Smile Now STL, we firmly believe that there is no reason not to smile!

Dr. O’Connor has 45 years of experience and utilizes the latest equipment and technology to diagnose and treat complex oral health problems. The goal is to employ every possible technique and service to help retain or restore healthy teeth and gums.

Dr. Tom and the caring staff at our South St. Louis clinic will assess your needs and help you decide how best to deal with problems such as tooth loss or misalignment, decay and yellowing, gum disease, and associated pain. We offer solutions that include cosmetic and restorative dentistry, based on modern diagnostics.

You’re Never Too Old to Learn Better Dental Practices

We also offer our patients detailed instruction on modern dental cleaning and prevention techniques. We’ll advise you about the best ways to prolong the life and beauty of your natural teeth or recommend implants if necessary.

Our goal is to save or repair your teeth whenever possible to prevent further problems and restore dental health and to give you new options as they are available. We always want to give you new reasons to smile. Our personalized dental care practice in St. Louis County is dedicated to the comprehensive care that will keep your smile bright.

Don’t Postpone an Oral Health Check

Whatever your current age and existing dental problems, we can recommend healthy, aesthetically pleasing solutions that will enhance your life and improve your smile. Dr. O’Connor’s precise 3D Digital Guided Technology can give you a full smile restoration in one day. Are you ready to learn more?Contact us now to schedule an initial consultation.

Smile Now STL provides complete information and advice about general dentistry procedures and implant services. Whether you need a single replacement tooth to fill a gap, restoration of severely damaged teeth, or whitening and alignment correction, we are happy to schedule a comprehensive examination.