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Full Arch Dental Implant Restoration in a Day with Dr. Thomas O’Connor

If you’re struggling with complete tooth loss or ill-fitting, inadequate dentures, don’t wait any longer to receive the lasting, comfortable, and aesthetic dental treatment you need.  Dr. O'Connor's SmileNow technique with precise 3D Digital Guided Technology can provide you with FULL SMILE RESTORATION in one day.  Watch Dr. O'Connor speak more about the procedure:


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Long-Lasting, Quality Care for Total Teeth Replacement

The SmileNow one-day complete teeth replacement technique focuses on quality of care, strong restorations, and patient satisfaction.  Unlike other “Same Day Teeth” techniques, SmileNow includes dental prosthetics that are beautiful, reinforced, and do not break.  SmileNow teeth are strong, comfortable, functional, and natural looking!

Your entire procedure typically takes just a morning and is aided by oral conscious sedation, so you feel as relaxed as possible throughout your entire visit.  Most patients are not inconvenienced by being referred to another office for implant placement.  All surgical skill and dental technology necessary to enhance your smile are available at Dr. O’Connor’s St. Louis dental office. SmileNow utilizes 3D Digital Guided Technology and specialty laboratories to provide patients with permanent new teeth that offer great cosmetics and function.  



The SmileNow Technique for getting all new teeth in one day includes:

  • Extraction – Dr. O'Connor can remove any remaining damaged teeth before or during immediate implant surgery.

  • Implant Placement – With 3D Digital treatment planning, SmileNow pinpoints the locations and angles at which to place your dental implants for the most stable restoration possible.  3D scans are quick, easy, and provide optimized results.  Implants are then placed right in our office, with most treatment plans calling for upwards of four to six implants to anchor a full arch of teeth.

  • Temporary Prosthetics – After your implants are in place, Dr. O’Connor makes sure you leave his office with a complete smile by providing a titanium-reinforced temporary prosthetic. Our bundled fee for your procedure takes all of these factors into account, including the final restoration, so you know exactly what to expect when you go into treatment.

WHY "SmileNow"?

With 3D Digital Guided Technology, Dr. O’Connor can permanently replace an entire arch of missing teeth in a way that is precise and patient-friendly -- no more bothersome removable dentures that make eating and speaking a challenge. By digitally planning your entire treatment before your procedure is performed, Dr. O’Connor ensures your experience is streamlined and comfortable.

Unlike dentures that snap on and off implant posts, SmileNow Teeth are permanent.They look & feel like your own teeth.  With decades of experience and training from leading experts in implant dentistry, Dr. O’Connor is especially qualified to provide this life-changing procedure for his patients.






 “Same Day Dental Makeover!!!  … 
Dr. O’Connor went the extra mile to ensure quality results.  Multiple extractions and implants were done with aide of sedation dentistry … left with a perfect smile in one day.  To have new permanent teeth without having a denture in place was nothing short of a miracle.”

- Brad T. 


“There are just too many positive things to say about Dr. Tom and his crew … the staff, Dr. Tom, Diane, and Kathie, are so warm and friendly that you instantly feel comfortable and secure.  You know you’re in good hands … there is continual concern for the slightest discomfort and instant action if necessary, which wasn’t often … the work done on me was extensive: removal of all my existing teeth and replacement with gorgeous new uppers and lowers that look just like the originals.  I couldn’t be happier … Thank you all for taking such good care of me.”


“[Dr. O’Connor’s] office took three hours at first sit down with me and discussed things these other two [dentists I consulted with] never mentioned … the end results were unimaginable at the time of my consultation … I will live the rest of my life with a beautiful smile, renewed confidence, and overwhelming gratitude for what they have done for me that echoes throughout my life and my family’s … I would be happy to talk with anyone that is weighing this life-changing decisions - just contact the office and ask for Jason C’s contact info. I’d be happy to ease the stress for someone else!”

- Jason C.


Get your new smile today!
If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of new, implant-supported teeth without the wait, contact our St. Louis implant dentist today for more information about SmileNow.

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