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Dr. Thomas E. O’Connor offers patients the benefits of his 45+ years of experience in dentistry. Dr. O’Connor and his team are unique, in that they do not focus on run-of-the-mill dentistry, but specific services that are aimed at improved, function, aesthetic, and quality of life for patients with complex oral health needs. Our South St. Louis dental office is equipped to replace and restore teeth with some of the most effective and long-lasting methods available.

Personalized Dental Care in St. Louis County

Not only is advanced care important to our dentist and team, but your experience at our office is vital to overall treatment success. We ensure that you are given our undivided attention at each consultation or treatment appointment. Unlike a general dentist that might be moving from room to room while hygienists clean patients’ teeth, Dr. O’Connor’s focus on resolving your complex dental needs ensures that you have the benefit of his experienced treatment and the full measure of your appointment time to ask questions and voice concerns.

Meeting Patients’ Needs for Advanced Restorative Dentistry

We devote the full spectrum of our services to caring for adult patients whose smiles have been negatively affected by tooth loss, decay, misalignment, and other cosmetic and functional problems. With that focus, our treatments include full-service implant dentistry and other advanced restorations procedures, complemented by modern technology for treatment planning and completion.

Dr. O’Connor utilizes in-house 3D imaging, Cone Beam CT, and patient-specific anatomical reconstruction and image fusion to map out your dental implant placement surgery. This 3D data set and powerful software tools, in conjunction with Piezosurgery®, are central to our services and help Dr. O’Connor deliver optimized treatment for lasting results.

Cosmetic Dental Enhancement

Whenever our St. Louis dentist provides prosthetics (replacement teeth or restorations to repair damaged parts of teeth), he ensures that they are cosmetically appealing and life-like for best aesthetics. We provide all-porcelain prosthetics, such as when crowns and bridges are needed to replace missing teeth with implants, and can also fill cavities with white, tooth-colored composite resin. In the event that natural teeth are healthy but discolored, our cosmetic services also include teeth whitening to brighten your smile.

Our focus on aesthetics also extends to straightening teeth with modern orthodontics. Through ClearCorrect, a system of invisible and removable orthodontic trays, we can correctly re-position teeth before providing restorative treatment. Clear braces help Dr. O’Connor set the stage for more advanced procedures and provide the most pleasing results.

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