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St. Louis Sedation Dentistry for Better Patient Relaxation

Dr. Thomas E. O'Connor offers sedation dentistry in St. Louis to help patients feel more at ease, so they can undergo dental procedures to protect their health and improve the appearance of their smiles, all without feeling fearful or anxious while sitting in the dental chair.

With sedation dentistry services, you don’t have to let your dental anxiety get in the way of good oral health and confidence.

Sedation Dental Care with Dr. O’Connor

During treatment with sedation dentistry, patients’ dosages are based on level of anxiety, length of appointment, and number of treatments needed. Dr. O’Connor can recommend an oral sedative along with inhaled gas (nitrous oxide) for relaxation, ease of tension, and improved sense of wellness before and during your appointment. 

Once medication takes effect, you will be largely unaware of what is taking place, which is a significant benefit for patients whose anxiety is exaggerated by sounds and smells involved in dental procedures. In your relaxed state, long procedures seem to pass quickly. When you undergo sedation, you are still able to swallow and even speak to notify Dr. O’Connor if you are experiencing any discomfort.

When to Consider Dental Sedation

Most often, sedation dentistry is used during lengthy procedures; however, it can be used in conjunction with any type of dental appointment or as treatment for patients who experience anxiety and fear about visiting the dentist. If you fit into any of the categories below, contact our office about adding sedation to your next appointment:

History of Neglecting Dental Care – If you’ve let your anxiety keep you away from the dentist, there’s a good chance your smile is at risk for significant and damaging dental problems. Dental sedation, however, eases this anxiety and makes it much easier to receive the care you need to protect your oral health.

Complex Treatment - If your treatment plan involves more comprehensive or extensive care, such as bone grafting, dental implant placement, and tooth extraction, sedation provides a layer of comfort that makes all of these processes far less intimidating.

Combining Procedures – Many patients who are not fearful at the dentist simply prefer to get as much work done as possible and choose sedation to help their treatment time pass comfortably and quickly. If you are interested in a multiple-step procedure, our sedation dentist can ensure that your appointment feels far shorter than it actually was.

Dr. O'Connor is a Fellow in Doctors of Oral Conscious Sedation and has extensive experience in performing dental treatments that involve the use of sedation. During sedation dentistry appointments at our St. Louis office, we closely monitor patients to ensure that they are safe and comfortable. Our practice is fully-licensed and all of our staff members have received training in sedation monitoring and safety to ensure best results.

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If you're anxious about visiting the dentist or have put off necessary dental care due to worries about discomfort during long or complex procedures, contact Dr. O’Connor to schedule a consultation and learn more about sedation dentistry.

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