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Precise, Predictable Implant Surgery with CT Technology

Dental implant procedures, when completed correctly, support life-long replacements for lost teeth that let patients enjoy full and comfortable smiles that are fully functional as well. Our St. Louis implant dentist, Dr. Thomas E. O’Connor, provides the most precise care possible for implant treatment through the use of CT guided implant surgery that incorporates the use of detailed imaging and customized surgical guides for each patient.

Why are Surgical Guides Important?

For some dentists who place dental implants, selecting the best way to do this is an educated guessing game. Traditional imaging and even 3D diagnostic images are all great tools to help pinpoint where implants should be inserted to ensure best results, but there is still a part of treatment where the dentist is making a calculated decision on where to place implants.

Surgical guides help to close the gap between images of a patients’ smile and where to place implants from there. 3D guided implant surgery involves the fabrication of a template, based on three dimensional imaging that tells Dr. O’Connor exactly where the implant should be placed. As precision is key for supporting implant success, a surgical guide helps Dr. O’Connor to provide this level of care, ensuring that the depth of implant placement and location of surgical processes are exactly correct.

Computer Guided Dental Implant Surgery in St. Louis

Dr. Thomas O’Connor utilizes a CareStream 3D scanner or computed tomography machine that captures clear and accurate images of patients’ teeth and jaw structures. This scan allows Dr. O’Connor to visually examine facial structures, bone, position of existing teeth, areas of resorption to better plan where implants should be added to support new teeth. This technology also provides a variety of angles from which to view teeth and bone, allowing Dr. O’Connor to digitally manipulate a recreation of your smile that would not be possible without this equipment.

With 3D imaging and guides for implant surgery, Dr. O’Connor is able to provide patients with the following benefits:

Reduced treatment time – Not only does the guessing game mentioned above lower changes of implant success, it can also mean that patients have to spend a bit longer in the dental chair, while their doctors plan our their procedure. With fabrication of a surgical guide, you can visit our implant dentistry office and have your implants placed quickly and efficiently.

Customized care – The surgical guide used in your implant procedure is produced based on a 3D printed model of your jaw, which helps to create precise implant placement and even model comfortable temporary restorations while implants heal.

CT guided surgery provides significant benefits for both the patients we serve and Dr. O’Connor, helping to create more comfortable treatment and provide implant services that maximize success rate. 

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