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Supporting Implant Success with Bone Grafting Treatment

 Dental implants provide a lasting solution to tooth loss, but placing implants is more than simply inserting prosthetic tooth roots in strategic locations. As implants are meant to integrate into bone, the health of oral structures plays a role in ensuring that your treatment is successful and permanent.

For patients with complications presented by bone loss after extraction or periodontal disease, Dr. O’Connor provides bone grafting surgery at his St. Louis dental office, preventing the need to visit a specialist before your implant procedure.

Bony Surgical Procedures Related to Implants

Dr. O’Connor wants patients to enjoy comfortable and lasting results from their implant treatment plan at his office. To meet this goal, his bone graft procedures are diverse and meant to serve patients with differing needs before implants can be added to their smiles. His bony surgical procedures include:

Extraction and Bone Graft (Socket Preservation) – Bone and tissue can change rapidly after one or more damaged teeth are removed, which is why it’s important to preserve the integrity of bone at the extraction site. With socket preservation provided immediately after extraction, implants can be supplied successfully and provide support for existing teeth to be maintained.

Sinus Lifts – Depending on the sites where implants will be placed, a sinus lift may sometimes be necessary. This procedure involves adding bone to the area of the jaw near the sinuses, which can involve lifting the membrane to make room for the additional tissue. This can be especially necessary to support the success of implantation near the front of the smile. In this way, implants have enough material in which to anchor and can remain securely in place, with minimized risk of failure.

Replacement of Lost Bone – In the event that you’ve had teeth extracted previously, and did not have a socket preservation procedure completed at the same time, it’s highly likely that you’ve experienced loss of bone and soft tissue in the area. In these cases, a bone graft is necessary as well.

Efficient Pre-Implant Bone Surgery with Advanced Technology

For comfortable and safe treatment during your bone grafting procedure, Dr. O’Connor utilizes technology called piezosurgery. This procedure is named in reference to piezoelectric ceramics used as a component in the equipment itself. This tool produces ultrasonic waves which are optimized for mineralized tissue and effect bone only -- - there is no negative impact on soft tissue. With this approach to care, Dr. O’Connor can provide targeted surgery that is less invasive, compared to traditional methods with less precise tools.

Our goal is to create a comfortable patient experience, no matter how complex your treatment plan may be. Through utilizing piezosurgery in preparing bone for implant placement, Dr. O’Connor can provide expedited healing times and limit the waiting period before patients can receive their permanent new teeth.

Learn More about Implant Bone Grafting

If bone loss has been a problem you’ve struggled with after losing teeth, you can still enjoy dental implants through pre-treatment with tissue grafts. Contact our St. Louis implant dentist, Dr. Thomas O’Connor, for more information about what can be included in your treatment plan at our office.

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