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Discover the Benefits of Mini Dental Implants


Mini dental implants are a permanent solution for missing teeth that are typically used to support permanent dentures. Dr. Thomas E. O'Connor has been placing and restoring mini dental implants at our St. Louis office for more than 25 years and can help you determine whether this restorative dental procedure is right for you.
What Is the Difference Between Traditional Dental Implants and Mini Implants?
Both mini and traditional implants are metal screws that are inserted into the jaw and that eventually become a permanent part of the bone. The difference between the two types of implants is their size. Traditional implants measure at least 3.7 millimeters in diameter while mini dental implants are 3.0 millimeters in diameter or smaller.
Mini dental implants are typically used in groups as anchors to permanently support a full arch of dentures in the event of total tooth loss. For St. Louis dental patients who are missing a large number of teeth, mini dental implants offer the following advantages over one-by-one teeth replacement with traditional dental implants:

• Immediate placement of tooth restoration
• Quickly healing
• Cost-Effective
• High success rate and minimal discomfort

What Are the Benefits of Mini Dental Implants?
Like traditional implants, mini dental implants help to prevent bone loss in the jaw and can reduce the likelihood of your teeth shifting following tooth loss. Some patients at our St. Louis practice who are not candidates for traditional implants due to previous jawbone loss can still benefit from mini dental implants because of their smaller size. The smaller size also results in quicker healing time and can mean fewer appointments during the treatment process.
Are Mini Dental Implants Right for Me?

To find out whether or not you could benefit from mini dental implants, you'll need to undergo a full examination at our office in St. Louis. Dr. O'Connor will take images of your mouth using the latest in 3D digital technology and perform a complete exam to assess the health of your gums. Then, he will discuss the options that are available for you and help you to make an informed decision regarding treatment. Contact our office to schedule your examination and consultation.